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Our banquet will be January 9th 2016 at the Yadkinville Moose Lodge. $20 per person and Kids 12 and under free.   RSVP only by January 5th.

Please make checks out to HPH  you can mail the check to    Sandy Collins PO Box 453 Clemmons, NC 27012.


If you have pictures or videos of your car or your crew at the track and don’t mind us posting them, please send them to or send me a link so I can find them. Check out the upload site link below for some pictures and movies so far this year at the Farm. Thanks.

Upload Site

This Weekend – November 26-28

Thank$giving Moneyfe$t

2015 Thanksgiving Moneyfest

December 5th and 6th

2015 December Dollars Day (2)




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Thanks for using our this year. We will continue to use this product to update you on the latest Farmington racing announcements. When working properly this product will update to the website along with Facebook but the FaceBook integration failed late in the year. I am aware of this and will be attending to that very soon. If you like this product or would like more information about how to use it, please email me at

For those who didn’t get signed up I will keep the instructions here to follow. Click on the link below  or simply text farmington to 84483. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, either will get you setup and working. For those who might not want a text and would prefer an email you can use an email address instead of your mobile number when signing up, this is totally up to you on how you receive the message. Once you have subscribed correctly it will send you a notification that you are in the group.
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