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Farmington 2016 Printable Schedule

Below is quick guide for our spectators who don’t know all the drag racing terms or exactly what is going on when attending a drag race…. Read our glossary below and you will be surprised how quickly you catch on…

Farmington Dragway Racing Glossary

2016 Carolina Coalition Points after Piedmont


This Weekend

Friday NightJuly 22nd We will have  Friday Night Thunder Street and Motorcycles Points Race #6. Tony Brown’s PTRA 625 class. Gate fee is $10 and another $10 if you are going down the track. Kids 12 and under free. Gates open at 5pm testing at 6pm. We also will have Tony Brown’s 625 class at the Farm!

Saturday July 23rd

 2016 July 23rd event flyer


Future Events

 August 6th

promod     Kye Kelley

If you have pictures or videos of your car or your crew at the track and don’t mind us posting them, please send them to or send me a link so I can find them. Check out the upload site link below for some pictures and movies from 2015/2016 at the Farm.

Upload Site



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