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Due to the current forecast this weekend we are making the weekend event a 1 day event as of now. Should the weather change and look better for Sunday we will make adjustments on Saturday morning. Top entry will be $150 paying $10,000 to win , $3000 r/up and $1000 to the semi’s . $50 round money starting 3 round win. With a 100 car count. Footbrake free entry $2000 to win ,$600 r/up and $150 semi’s and quarters $70 . Due to the two races in one day with double purse gate fee is $25 for Footbrake. Juniors entry will be $35 $400 to win $150 R/up and $50 to semi’s . Street class will stay the same $20 entry and 75% payback. Gate for Saturday for spectators will be $15.00

We will have testing this Friday April 17th gates open at 5 and testing starts at 6. Gate fee $10 if you are testing is another $10 kids 12 and under free.

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This year we would like to try and use to text everyone updates, cancellations and other information quickly and efficiently. We have setup Farmington Dragway on this will allow Sandy to send one message to all the subscribers and place the updates onto the website and Facebook at the same time. We invite you to try it, please follow the link below or click on the rainedout icon on the left sidebar of the home page or simply text farmington to 84483. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, all will get you setup and working. For those who might not want a text and would prefer an email you can use an email address instead of your mobile number when signing up, this is totally up to you on how you receive the message. Once you have subscribed correctly it will send you a notification that you are in the group. Thanks and I hope you like this product.
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