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WDRA Alliance January NewsLetter

****Track Announcement****

Many of you have been calling to see what has been going on with the paving at Farmington. Thank you for bearing with us while we work through our problem. While we were repaving the track we unexpectedly found that the base material under the old asphalt was not structurally sound. It rutted up and became spongy when the paving equipment rolled on top of it. We couldn’t continue to pave over the bad base so we called specialists to look at our problem and decided to use a process that mixes cement in with the existing base material. We received bids from several contractors specializing in soil stabilization. We are now attempting to put together the additional money for the fix and get on the contractors waiting list.

Thank you for understanding our situation. We appreciate all of you who have shared concern and offered to help. Most of all, thanks for hanging in there a little longer. We hope to get started back with the paving toward the first of August, assuming our contractors schedules stay on course.